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Royal Lawns of America, Inc.

Treat yourself ROYALLY...Let Royal Lawns maintain your lawn majestically throughout the year.

Royal Lawns of America, Inc. has been servicing lawns for over 30 years. Fully licensed and insured, our company has a proven record of growing lawns to their full potential. We improve the health and beauty of our customers' lawns, while providing attentive service.


Our lawn treatments include:




Pest Control (Integrated Pest Management)/Weeding


Fungus Control


We also provide Snow Removal Services


With a combination of key ingredients, Royal Lawns of America, Inc. will grow your lawn to new heights of satisfaction and maintain the results achieved.


For royal tips throughout the year, please follow us on:

Facebook: @Royal Lawns of America, Inc

Twitter: @RoyalLawnsofAm

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