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The Do's and Don'ts

for keeping your lawn

looking Royal.

Water Your Lawn


Water is vital to the health of your lawn.  While the frequency will vary by season, the amount of water that you provide to your lawn should remain the same.  The best time is early in the morning. 



Scalp Your Lawn


It is important to not cut your lawn too short especially during the heat of summer.  In general, your lawn should not be cut at less than 2 1/2 inches.


Continue to follow our tips!


We are here to help answer any of your questions.  We will be adding both fun and informative tips throughout the year on our website, Facebook and Twitter

No matter what the season, there are ways to keep your lawn looking Royal.


Let Your Pets Decorate Your Lawn


Dog "spotting" is very common with pet owners.  It is best to train your pets to feel more comfortable on non-grass locations, however increasing their water consumption will help dilute their urine causing damage.


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